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CRST 10-Outlets 15 ft. Heavy Duty Power Strip 15ACRST 6-Outlets 6 ft. Heavy Duty Surge Protector Power Strip 15ACRST 6-Outlets 6 ft. Heavy Duty Power Strip 15ACRST 16-Outlets 15 ft. Heavy Duty Surge Protector Power Strip 15ACRST 12-Outlets 15 ft. Heavy Duty Metal Wide Spaced Power Strip 15A

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Heavy-Duty Power Strip

Stronger material, thicker cord, higher power.

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We are committed to protecting your equipment from power surges.


What Our Customers Say...


I mounted this on my wall in the garage over my workbench. I dig the yellow and black "caution" colors; it gives the powerstrip a feel that there is something manly about to happen in the workstation.


Sturdy functional rugged design for quick additional outlets with surge protection anywhere I need extra outlets - garage. Mostly metal housing. Notches on reverse to hang on the wall. Thick cord for safety.


It is pretty well made for what it is. The main body is metal an heavy duty. It's a good looking unit. The ends also have mounting locations, very nice, but they are plastic. Also like how the ends have cord management, that will help tame the cords.

Ron Killian

My husband absolutely loves this power strip. He is a bit of a neat freak, and he loves that there are 16 outlets for his games, TV, sound bar, and whatever he wants to plug in available. This is a great value for the money, and I would highly recommend it. The material is very rigid, and sturdy, it is not cheap plastic.


What more is there to say? its solid, great extension cord length to reach up walls or across a shop. The mounting hardware is perfect for putting it on a wall or wherever you might need it. Absolutely great addition to my workshop.

Joshua M Rudd

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