About us

Rocket Socket Technology, Inc. is a widely recognized company in North America. We are committed to creating superior quality electrical household products and industrial tools. We have an experienced design team and a strong supply chain system. Founded in 2014, we have grown from a startup with just 2 people to a team of over 50, both domestic and internationally. 

Strict quality controls

In the process of research and development, we strive to keep improving our products and marketing platforms so that we can reach out to as many consumers as optimally possible. We have a stable Ecommerce chain of stores selling on platforms such as Amazon and Walmart. We also have a complete international team that works closely with our main factories in the development of our unique product molds as well as product lines. We always put the customer's product experience first and foremost to go above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction.

Why choose us

We may not be the most well known company in the industry, but we are definitely the most serious about trying to make sure our products are made satisfactory to our happy consumers. Every product we sell is certified for safety based on passing all requirements and recommendations for use within each local market. We have sustainability in commercial insurance worth US$3,000,000 in case of any small chance of a factory, safety liability.

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