7 Things You Need To Know About a Power Strip Before You Buy

A high-quality heavy-duty power strip can make all the difference when it comes to commercial applications or in applications where you're going to be using an extensive amount of power. Upgrading to a heavy-duty power strip can be an excellent way that you can protect your devices, reduce the chance for fire and enjoy greater versatility in the area where you typically use devices. Heavy-duty power strips can often come with more outlets, indicator warnings, complex warranties and an upgraded level of equipment venue would get out of a regular consumer power bar.


With all of these upgrades you can expect to pay a little bit more for a heavy-duty power strip. You'll be rewarded for your purchase of a heavy-duty power strip as you can also receive many good years of quality use out of one of these devices. In the end, if you're regularly replacing a consumer power strip every few years, this could be a superior way for you to enjoy greater power and to make sure that you can get more out of your electrical devices for safety.

Heavy-duty power strips are especially valuable for areas like workshops, in commercial businesses, with highly technical equipment like medical equipment as well as for areas like entertainment rooms in gaming rooms. Bringing in a heavy-duty power strip is a great way to protect your devices and make sure that you can plug in more throughout your home or business.

Here are some of the top things that you should know about any power strip before you buy:

Check the number of ports:

Every power strip is different and it's important to check the right number of ports on the power strip before you make a purchase. Heavy-duty power strips can come in many configurations and buying with the right number of ports will make sure that you have space for all of the electrical equipment that you need. If you find yourself having a plug-in a separate power bar just to power all of your devices, it's much safer for you to consider a power strip that has enough outlets to take on all of your equipment so that you can prevent the chance for fire.

Consider the electrical rating of the items you need a plug-in:

If you have extremely valuable equipment you need to make sure that you have a surge protector that's appropriately rated to protect the equipment on the power strip that your purchasing. If you've just spent time upgrading your television or home entertainment center you're going to wind extremely robust surge protector that's different than the one that you're going to use the power on a regular lamp or digital alarm clock.


UL seal:

Make sure that any type of heavy-duty surge protector also comes certified with the UL seal. Any product needs to be properly certified before it meets the standards for protecting electronics across the United States. Consider avoiding any power strip that doesn't contain the proper stamp or certification as you could be leaving yourself at risk for using a product that's not properly rated for the grid or for your device.

Check the rating:

the full rating on any heavy-duty power strip will be an indication of the types of electrical products that it can protect. If you're going to be sending a lot of energies through a heavy-duty surge protector such as in a commercial setting, you're going to want a heavy-duty power strip with surge protection that's rated highly. At least 700 J or higher is usually the standard for a heavy-duty power strip and you should also consider finding a rating with a low response time. Lowered response times will be important to reacting in the event of the search and all of this information should be available in the product specifications. If you know a bit more about the electrical devices you're going to be plugging in and the type of rating that you need, it can often be easier to pick out one of these heavy-duty power strips.

Check warranty information:

surge protectors and heavy-duty power strips can come with warranties. The warranty on some of these devices will protect some of the damages if a power surge goes through as long as you are using the power strip within its intended limits. You can file a full warranty claim if the protector fails or if you experience a surge that happens the damage your equipment. Checking in on warranty information will let you know the types of coverages that you can have in place and if you are entitled to any compensation should the power strip fail.

Online reviews:

Doing a bit of hunting for some online reviews can give you an indication of how the power strip is performing over the long term. A quick check into some online reviews will give you a final decision factor on which power strip might be best for you. If you see many reports about a heavy-duty power strip that has experienced failures or that wears out quickly, it may be wise to choose a different platform.


Quality of materials:

If you have a chance to inspect a heavy-duty power strip it's very important you check in on the quality of materials. Power strips that you're going to use in some form of workshop or heavy-duty environment need to be properly rated and should be designed to stand up if there regularly covered in sawdust or if something happens to drop on them.

If you'd like to learn more about heavy-duty power strips or you are seeking the perfect power strip for your workshop, entertainment room or business, we can make it easy for you to pick out the best new heavy-duty power strip to suit your needs. Contact us today to learn more about the best power strips you could enjoy today.

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