Why Workshop Need Heavy-Duty Power Strip?

It has become a consensus to buy a power strip when the socket is not enough. But how to choose a suitable power strip is many people do not know. We may choose some colorful ones when buying, or as many sockets as possible. But do not go to carefully check its joules, amperage, wire, housing material, safety certification and whether the surge protection. For some workstations, workshops or warehouses, $10 a power strip often does not meet the needs. If you access the power of the appliance than its power rating is small, you may be in peace. But once it's exceeded, you'll only be left with burned out plastic, or even your house, when you see it again. It is very important to buy a proper workshop power strip, even if it is more expensive. A penny for every penny is the eternal truth.
So how do we go about choosing the right power strip for ourselves? First we have to make sure that it is the right shape for where you want to put it. If you like to put the power strip under the table or behind the sofa, then I would recommend you to buy a power strip bar. this long strip has a large number of jacks to choose from, and is easy to place, and the following parameters are important to note, please be sure to find them and confirm before you buy a power strip.

1. Check the electrical rating
The rating of the power strip will tell you how much power it can absorb before it fails, which is very important. It depends on the specific electronic device you want to use with the power strip. It's a very simple addition and subtraction, you just need to add up the ratings of the appliances that need to be connected, which is less than the rating of the power strip.

2. Does it meet your needs?
If you are using in a relatively harsh environment such as workshop, I strongly recommend that you buy a workshop heavy duty power strip. these power strips tend to have a metal material, thicker wire and larger ratings, and also come with surge protection. Whether it's for your high-powered tools, or a precision instrument like a computer, it'll fit the bill. And the most important thing, it will be very durable. According to the service life, it is on average lower than the average daily cost of household power strips.

3. Is there a safety certification?
You can find a series of stickers on the body of the product, such as UL Listed, or ETL certification. If there is no relevant label, be sure not to buy!

4. Is there a warranty policy?
You can see the warranty policy of free replacement in many places, but this proves the low cost of the product. In addition to the basic 1 or 2 year warranty, you should pay more attention to the businessman's attitude towards the warranty. Please don't get bored if there is confusion about what happened and you are asked for more information. This is a great after-sales attitude and proves that the merchant is responsible for your safety.
The above is why you should buy a heavy duty power strip for your workshop. stop choosing a random cheap one at a department store. A good power strip is good enough to last you 3-5 years, and you can get a workshop power strips for $10 more than a power strip that has jacks failing every year.

If you are confused about this and need more guidance. Feel free to contact george@crsttech.com and we'll help you get the right power strip as soon as possible!
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