How do you know if a power strip is overloaded?

When we use power strips we tend to plug in all the devices that need to use it. But there is a limit to the power strip of each one.
That's why many people will buy heavy-duty power strips. because its power and all parameters will be higher than ordinary household power strips. And with surge protection.
So how do we go about knowing if our power strip is overloaded?
Calculate the rating.
Do not exceed the load (current carrying capacity) rating of the power strip. Most 120 volt power strips are rated for a largest power cord and plug load of 12 amps. Heavy-duty power strips will be at 15-20 amps.
Most appliances and laboratory equipment list wattage and voltage on the nameplate.
Use the following formula to determine the current load (amps).
 I = current (amps), P = power (watts), E = voltage
So just a few large appliances plugged into a power strip can easily exceed their largest load. For example, a 1500 watt ovens and a 1200 watt juice extractor have a combined load of 20.8 amps. This greatly exceeds the 12 amp power strip load. If you continue to use it, it could easily cause a fire.
Also, there are the following points to note.
  1. The power strip must be listed by a nationally recognized testing laboratory. The nameplate will usually appear on the "UL" or "ETL" logo.
  2. Many power strips must not be "daisy chained" together or used with extension cords. High-current devices such as space heaters, microwaves, refrigerators, ovens, pumps and stoves should be plugged into wall outlets.Or use a higher-powered power strip
  3. If the power strip is damaged or shows signs of overheating, drop use immediately.
With the development of technology, power strips have taken on more and more responsibility. This includes the now very popular smart power strips. More features often mean more uncontrollability. For power strips, higher power and better surge protection are important factors in determining. Whether you can feel comfortable putting it in your home.
If interested in learning more about heavy-duty power strips, please contact CRST safety team at
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