How to Buy Workbench Power Strip?

Are you one of the craftsmen, metalworkers, and woodworkers out there? If yes, you may probably know how helpful workbenches are. Despite being beneficial, one of the problems you may experience with workbenches is that setting them up requires too much time and effort. Aside from that, they are also difficult to transfer from one place to another.


Another problem with workbenches is that they are quite expensive. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with this kind of problem anymore when you have a workbench power strip. Workbench power strips are easy to use. All you have to do is plug it in the power socket, and it can immediately deliver enough power supply to any power tool you want to use.

Aside from that, it is also portable and flexible. This means that you can easily roll it and store it when not in use. Another thing you will love about workbench power strips is that they can charge several workbenches using one power socket.

If you used to utilize a wide range of power tools that need electricity to run, one of the best solutions you may consider is using a workbench power strip. There are lots of things you will love about this tool. One is that it can cut down the power adapters and extension cords you will need to finish the work.

Aside from workbenches, a workbench power strip is also ideal to use for garages, closets, and other areas in your property that require several power outlets.

How to Use a Workbench Power Strip?

A workbench power strip is available in various types with a diverse set of features. For instance, you can find a workbench power strip equipped with features designed to turn off the power after unplugging any power tools. Aside from that, they also come in different sizes, and most of them are designed to be compact for easy storage. On the other hand, other large-sized workbench power strips are designed to provide you with additional power outlets.


When you have a workbench power strip, you don’t need to carry several adapters and use lengthy extension cords to power up several devices. Compared to extension cords, power strips used for workbenches are easier to use and install. Another good thing you will love about it is that they are also packed with safety features that will ensure your safety and provide protection against electrical shocks.

The protection against electric shock here is something that people overlook. Take for example this fire in New York.

How Many Devices I Can Plug Into Workbench Power Strip

Depending on the model and type of workbench power strip you have, you can plug at least 15 devices or more. The smallest and shortest power strip comes with three power outlets. However, larger workbench power strips may contain more than 20 available outlets. In other words, the number of appliances or tools you can plug into the strip is highly dependent on the size and model of the power strip you have. For instance, a small-sized workbench power strip comes with outlets enough to handle router, circular saw, table saw, and any other small tools you have. If you will heavy-duty appliances, such as vacuum, it would be best to invest in a larger workbench power strip.


Another way you can do to determine how many appliances you can plug into a workbench power strip is to measure the total number of watts it can handle safely. For instance, if your power strip can manage 100 watts, you can use it to power the small power tools you have. One of the best things about workbench power strips is that they can handle hundreds to thousands of watts depending on their size.

When To Use a Workbench Power Strip

One of the best things about workbench power strips is that you can use them in almost all applications. For instance, you need to work in your garage, but your garage area does not have enough power outlets to deliver electricity to your tools. In that case, using a workbench power strip becomes handy. Workbench power strips are available in a wide range of configurations and sizes. Thus, you can select which among them is suitable for your space. Another way you can use a workbench power strip is by decluttering cords.

Another scenario where you can use a workbench power strip is when doing a project in your workshop. This power strip allows you to connect several machines and power them at once. You can easily charge and run everything through this, allowing you to finish your project easily.

What’s The Difference Between a Standard Power Strip and Workbench Power Strip?

Most households have power strips, and most of you have used them without paying much attention to their quality or design. But if you are looking for a power strip model that can provide improved performance to your electronics, it would be best if you would prefer workbench power strips to the standard models.

A workbench power strip is constructed using innovative technology and high-quality materials. With this, it can deliver power more efficiently. Beyond that, they are also equipped with features that can better protect your appliances from various power problems, such as electric surges. Aside from that, they can offer more benefits, including additional outlets, improved flexibility, and more.

Best Workbench Power Strips


Are you in search of the best workbench power strips? If yes, we have great news for you! Below is a list of our favorite workbench power strips designed to meet your needs. They are a good form of investment because of the number of benefits they offer. You can purchase more than one of these power strips that you can add to your workbench for future use. Purchasing a workbench power strip is a simple way to replace your outdated strips.

CRST 24-Outlets 15 ft. Heavy Duty Power Strip 15A

CRST 10-Outlets with USB(3.4A) 6 ft. Heavy-Duty Surge Protector Power Strip 15A

CRST 16-Outlets 15 ft. Heavy-Duty Surge Protector Power Strip 15A

CRST 12-Outlets 15 ft. Heavy Duty Metal Wide Spaced Power Strip 15A


A workbench power strip can give you tons of benefits. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours now at!

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