How to Choose Industrial Power Strip?

Working in an industrial company is not easy. There are lots of risks associated with it. In this case, managers should always ensure the safety of their workers. Using a high-quality power strip is a great way to ensure your safety. This item can prevent sudden electrical surges that can cause fires.

In addition, you also need to ensure that the equipment you are using in an industrial setting is correct and is in good condition. Using a high-quality power strip may be your best choice to ensure that your equipment is working properly.


One of the good things about using a power strip in an industrial setting is that it allows you to plug in different items using a single outlet. This is highly beneficial, especially you don’t need to run lengthy cords all over the place, which is usually the main cause of hazards.

Using a power strip is also ideal for controlling the power for your industrial equipment. In most cases, they are popular for residential purposes and can be found in home theaters to provide additional power outlets. But when it comes to industrial applications, the main function of an industrial power strip is to create a single source of electricity for all equipment.

This is extremely beneficial, especially if you need to route a lengthy power cord through tight spaces. Having an industrial power strip also prevents you from spending too much money buying big batteries. Since a power strip has created a constant flow of electricity, you can have uninterrupted industrial work due to dying batteries.

Why Heavy-Duty Industrial Power Strips are Essential in Industrial Setting

As we mentioned earlier, an industrial power strip is one of the essential tools present in an industrial workplace. This is because working in an industrial setting requires you to accomplish a different task.

For instance, you need to finish your industrial welding job, and you need easy access to electricity. In this case, you may use a heavy-duty industrial power strip with a long cord so that you can finish the work fast and efficiently.

A standard power strip is not ideal to use in the industrial workspace, and the reason is very obvious. Thin and low-quality power strips may not work efficiently and could cause a delay to the job. Beyond that, they can be scratched easily.



Another essence of using power strips is that this helps you ensure that you have access to a power supply to run your industrial applications. If you need to accomplish heavy workloads, we highly recommend considering heavy-duty power strips offered by Rocket Socket.

One of the good things about heavy-duty industrial power strips is that they do not require frequent maintenance and can last for several years. This will not only help you finish the job efficiently but also save money in the long run.

Why Metal is an Ideal Material for Industrial Power Strips

With the lack of power outlets in most industrial companies, industrial power strips became necessary. They play a great role in power management and are known for versatility. The good thing about industrial power strips today is that they are not available in various materials, colors, and styles.

Since we live in the modern world, we can find thousands of innovative and upgraded tools in the market. Before, power strips were made mostly with plastic and less durable materials. But today, metal power strips are available, making them more popular in the industrial setting.


Compared to traditional power strips, power strips made with metal are now more resistant to extreme voltages. Thus, they are perfect for delivering power in hard-to-reach parts of an industrial company. Unlike rubber and plastics, metal power strips are safer and more efficient to use.

Why Choose Industrial Power Strips with Tough Cords

Aside from ensuring that your industrial power strips are made with top-grade materials, it is also important to check the quality of their cords.

Industrialized-grade power strips are important in most industries for powering different equipment. However, daily use and regular wear-and-tear can damage low-quality industrial power strips. This is the main reason why you should choose industrial power strips with tough cords.

If cords are damaged, it either needs a quick repair or a new set of the industrial power strip. To ensure that your power strip will serve you long, you must choose the one with strong and thick cords.

Heavy-Duty Industrial Power Strips from CRST

Are you looking for the best power strips perfect for industrial applications? If yes, you may visit the official website of CRST to find heavy-duty industrial power strips.

The power strips manufactured by the company are designed to resist the damages caused by the harsh industrial environments. One of the best things about their power strips is that they are made with military-grade stainless steel and aluminum materials.

Check out the list of the best industrial power strips below:

CRST 10-Outlets 15 ft. Heavy Duty Power Strip 15A

This heavy-duty power strip features an aluminum housing that makes it sturdier. With its sturdiness, you can use it for workplaces with harsh environments, including construction sites. This power strip has 10 outlets that will allow you to plug any industrial or commercial devices needed for the work.


CRST 24-Outlets 15 ft. Heavy Duty Power Strip 15A

This 24-outlet industrial power strip has a 15-feet longer tough cord that you can carry conveniently. Its case housing is made with aluminum alloy metal, which shows its sturdy construction. It also comes with a pre-built 15A resettable circuit breaker which protects the outlet from overloading.


CRST 12-Outlets 15 ft. Heavy Duty Metal Wide Spaced Power Strip 15A

One of the good things about this industrial power strip is its 12 ultra-wide spaced outlets. This means that it is perfect for powering any industrial equipment with bulky plugs. Its flame-resistant plastic panels allow you to use it even in the harshest working environment.




Choosing an industrial strip is quite tricky, especially if this is your first time buying. Luckily, CRST offers you hundreds of industrial electrical tools made with durable materials perfect for the heavy industrial workload.

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