Is It Safe To Plug An Extension Cord Into A Power Strip?

Small apartments and even big condominiums have a shortage of power outlets. In that case, many prefer to use a power strip. To maximize the use of a power strip, you may be thinking of plugging an extension cord into it. But is it safe?

In this post, we will help you to ensure your safety when using a power strip. Read on to know more about it.


What is a Power Strip?

You probably have seen power strips several times before. As its name suggests, this is a lengthy strip that consists of several outlets. It comes with a power cable you will use to insert into the socket. When the cable is already plugged, you can now use the outlets in the strips to power up your appliances and mobile devices.

The main use of this item is to give you additional outlets, especially if you don’t have enough to power up your home.

What are the Hazards that May Happen in Using Extension Cords with Power Strips?

Overheating, which is more likely to result in fire hazard is one of the biggest risks you may encounter in plugging an extension cord into power strips. This may happen, especially if either one of the two cannot manage the power demand of your appliances. When overheating occurs, it could cause damages to wiring insulation and connection.

Aside from fire hazards, plugging an extension cord into power strips could also result in massive facility damages, loss of power, and electrical shocks that may seriously injure someone.

With that in mind, make sure to use power strips with surge protection. If you still want to plug an extension cord into power strips, make sure to use it for appliances with low power demand, including portable fans or work lights.


Why Use Power Strips with Surge Protector

Using power strips with surge protectors gives you several power outlets and ensures that your electronic appliances are safe against sudden surges of power voltage. The main job of a surge protector is to transfer enough amount of electricity to the devices connected to the power strip. If the electricity voltage arises, the surge protector will transfer the extra electricity to the grounding wire. A sudden increase in electric voltage is usually caused by the usage of electric devices that need high power, including refrigerators, elevators, and air conditioners.


Plugging an extension to a power strip with a surge protector is way safer than plugging it into the power strip alone. But before you do this, make sure that you know how to install the three items together properly. If installed improperly, it could lead to significant damages to your devices and appliances.

In addition, make sure not to combine two surge protectors as it is not safe and is against the National Electric Code (NEC) and Occupational Safety and Health Administrations (OSHA) regulations.

If you were to use an extension cord on a power strip, make sure to do it properly or hire a professional. 

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