Why Do I Need a Heavy Duty Power Strip for My workshop?

Having a home workshop can be a little bit like having your own home sanctuary. It's a good place to keep a wide range of tools and to work on a number of projects in the comfort of your own garage or in a separate location throughout your home. One of the greatest assets to any home workshop is a consistent flow of power and protection for all of the devices that are required for completing the projects that you would like to work on every day. A good quality heavy-duty power strip can make a huge difference in your workshop and it can come with a number of distinct advantages for protecting your equipment and for making sure that you have a constant and on interrupted flow of power. Here are some of the top advantages that you can receive by choosing a heavy-duty power strip for your workshop.


Protecting your equipment:

Good quality power strips often come with heavy-duty surge protectors which can protect your most important equipment if there's ever a lightning strike or if there is a surge from activating heavy-duty equipment in the workshop. Rather than having an expensive piece of equipment get damaged during a thunderstorm, you could have a system that can protect all of the vital components to your workshop. Heavy-duty power strips divide you with an extra level of insurance in the event that the equipment that you need to run your operation or to enjoy a hobby workshop ever gets affected by a surge.


Heavy-duty equipment:

Using a standard power bar or a power strip in your workshop that is not rated for outdoor use or that is not rated for use around heavy machinery could be a massive risk. It's very easy to have cords get frayed or to quickly damage a power bar if it is regularly in the line of heavy cutting equipment or sparks. A material that is designed for heavy-duty use will provide you with a better level of protection for all of your equipment as well as the power cords they're going to the equipment. Stiffer quality materials and better quality metals will make sure that if anything were ever dropped on your power strip or if something in your workshop was ever to cut your power strip, you could replace components or have a power strip it's going to be resilient when near heavy equipment.

Upgraded components:

Heavy-duty power strips for a workshop often come with upgraded components. A standard quality power strip may not provide you with the same level of protection if you're going to be using equipment that draws a heavy power load. If you're going to be using equipment like grinders or saws for example, you may not be able to use multiple pieces of equipment at once and still receive some form of surge protection. Most consumer power bars are usually designed to handle just a few items at once but with an upgraded and heavy-duty power bar, you be able to handle the capabilities of sections of your workshop for commercial use.


Heavy-duty power strips often come with warranties on their products. If you're going to be using a power strip in an area where it's much more prone to fall victim to an accident, having a product that has a warranty or that is guaranteed for a specific function can be important. Depending on the nature of a power strip and it's level of protection you could even receive reimbursement for some of the equipment that was plugged into your power strip if it were to fail. Finding company that also offers a quality warranty on all of its power strips can deliver you a massive level of assurance in your purchase.



As well as having a warranty associated with the product you'll be able to enjoy many more years of use out of a power strip that you get in an upgraded format. Heavy-duty power strips are a clear choice for any type of workshop environment especially if it needs to perform under rugged conditions. Rather than buying a consumer power bar and regularly replacing it every few months, you can have a power strip that's going to last you over several years of consistent use.

Better for dust:

Heavy-duty power bars often come with extreme casing or some form of guard that can prevent the chance of dust buildup and electrical fires. With specialty coatings on the outside of heavy-duty power strips it's possible to reduce the amount of dust around the power strip and to reduce the chances that you could experience an electrical fire.

More outlets:

Heavy-duty power strips can provide you with a greater versatility because they often come with more outlets. If you're struggling to outfit your workshop with the required number of outlets, having a heavy-duty power strip can make it much easier for you to get more out of an area of your workshop or to enjoy more versatility. You can often hang these items on the wall and enjoy several more outlets than you would get in a traditional consumer power strip.

Indicators and warnings:

Heavy duty power strips often come with indicators and warnings in the form of LED lights or a surge protector warning that's more advanced than a consumer power strip. Having some of these warnings available to you can show if there are faults within your electrical system in the workshop or if you could be experiencing the potential for a warning or electrical issue in the future.


If you would like to learn more about heavy-duty power strips or you'd like to order the perfect heavy-duty power strip for your workshop be sure to check out our wide range of products all suited for use in workshops and in commercial solutions.

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