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Rocket Socket Technology® is the leading security power strip manufacturer. The company has been providing high quality power strips.

We have sold millions of power strips and have received consistent positive feedback from our customers.

All shipping originates from California. Due to the applicability of our products, we often receive bulk orders from schools, companies, hospitals and even prisons.

Product Design & Service

To make the power strip more durable, most of our products are made of aluminum alloy, and it comes standard with 14 AWG gauge cord. And all products are equipped with surge protectors, with 15 amps to protect your electricity safety.

We also have a $3 million commercial insurance policy to control the quality of our products.

About our manufacturer

Established in 1995, we are the first to pass ISO9001-2000 QA certification. All our products satisfied UL, ETL, CUL, CETL safety standard. Expertise in North American market, we facilitate a UL recognized laboratory in our company. There are more than one hundred products authenticated for UL, CUL certification.

Besides strict quality control, we also commit to finding the optimal price-quality balance. Our principle is never compromise quality for price.